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From the beginning, as a representative of StreetGlow, it's been our goal to focus on you, the customer & distributor, by sharing your goals and priorities.  Distributors have

committed themselves to anticipate their

customers needs and exceed their expectations by providing quality products supported by a top notch customer service team.

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" We offer competitive pricing & dealer referral listings. "


Illusion's Neon  Accessories

Dealer Pricing

     As a prospective dealer or distributor, we would like to see our goals become yours.  You can rest assure we're taking Auto-Neon to the next millennium and beyond……

     StreetGlow would like to introduce their NEW 1999 sales

brochure by stating that the quality of their product is paramount.  With their NEW line, they have pursued technological advances to deliver cost effective, state-of-the-art products.  All StreetGlow products undergo testing procedures that exceed industry

standards.  Complimented by unique packaging, StreetGlow Auto-Neon@ accessories stand out from the competition.

     On behalf of StreetGlow, we would like to thank you -

our dealers & distributors for making StreetGlow the #1 Choice in Auto-Neon@ worldwide.  Without you this would not be

possible.  Dealers may purchase online also after setting up an

account with us.  The price will be sent to you after dealer

percentage has been figured.  Retail price will be given at time of purchase.  Dealer displays are available on some products.

     To request a dealer packet, just send us a little information about your company, including Tax ID # for your State, and we will get back with you within 24 hours.  Small business owners & distributors welcome.  If Tax ID # is not available, do not

hesitate, leave your information and we will contact you for

further sale information.

To contact us, mail to :

Illusion's & accessories

Rt. 1 Box 350-C

Greenwood, MS 38930


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