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NEW  Sport Neon

       Inline Skate Neon in 8" and 10"

These kits are 2 small neon tubes, battery powered that attach to the sides of inline skates.  Easy to apply and offers safe skating for the user.  Indoor & outdoor tubes, not recommended for extreme skaters.           

Illusion's Neon  Accessories

Neon Accessories

NEW Halogen Replacement OEM Tinted LEGAL Headlight Bulbs

NEW Halogen Replacement OEM Tinted LEGAL Headlight Bulbs

NEW Display Car with Electrick

Decal Mounted & Powered

NEW Electrick Decal Unit

2 Colors Available

NEW Sound Activated Speaker Rings

4 Colors Available

These rings include a super sensitive light dancer incorporated into the 3 way control switch. They can be turned on constant, off, or dancing with music.

NEW Sport Pedal Pads (Aluminum)

Manual & Automatic (2 Pedals or 3)

4 Colors Available

NEW Headlight Strobe Kits

Kit comes complete with 2 xenon strobes, transformer, wiring and

Installation hardware.

Emits a pulsating flash of light within a headlight housing, or anywhere imaginable

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NEW Flex Lite & Power Neon Cable

Interior Accent Lighting to create

exciting light effects inside your car

Click Picture Link for Description